Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

May 29, 2020 update:

West Virginia Policies:
  At this stage we continue to await new guidelines from the state of West Virginia.  We do not have an exact date when this will happen, but I recently met with the governor’s office and expect to receive word in the next couple of weeks.  

Notifications and cancellation date for families:
We have extended our cancellation policy as follows:

     Sessions taking place July 5th – 18th 
     We will notify you by June 14th of any changes to these sessions.
     You have until June 14th to cancel a session.

     Session taking place July 19th – August 15th
     We will notify you by June 28th of any changes to these sessions.
     You have until June 28th to cancel a session. 

Refund policy: As a reminder should a higher authority not permit us to open (i.e. your session is canceled) we will offer families the choice of a full refund or rolling over tuition paid or a portion of that amount to 2021.  Any amounts rolled into 2021 will receive a 5% credit as a means of saying thank you along with guaranteed placement and no tuition increase for 2021.  No cancellations fees will be applied. 

Policies and procedures:  We are updating many of our policies and procedures, as they relate to COVID-19.  These new guidelines deal with cleaning and disinfection, health screening, activity and people management, and more.  The new guidelines will be released June 8th to provide families with a clear understanding of what will be in place.  If we operate camp it will be because we are confident in our execution of these best practices. 

Shuttle to and from camp: Unfortunately, we will not be running the shuttle this summer. Our nursing staff will need to focus on one arrival area and not be split up on opening day. On a normal non-pandemic summer most families drive and love the scenery.  If you’ve already paid for the shuttle, you’ll receive a refund for that service.  

I can’t thank you enough for your patience while we work through this process.  Our goal of providing a safe environment for campers and staff is our guiding principal throughout this decision making process.  In these unprecedented times, we recognize that summer camp is more important than ever.  We are working diligently to best define a clear path to offering a safe and successful summer camp program at CHM.

Tom Bryant

What happens if camp is canceled?

Should a higher authority not permit us to open, we will offer families the following options:

  1. Refund all fees paid.
  2. Roll over all or a portion of your tuition to Summer 2021 with a 5% credit added as a thank you.  Guaranteed placement and 2020 tuition rates.

If I withdraw my camper right now, is there a fee?

We’ve extended our withdrawal dates (see above).  For withdrawals prior to those dates, the total fee less a $200 processing fee is refundable.

Our best advice is to wait and see.  Nothing will change for you financially between now and then.

Final Tuition Payments

We are not processing any additional payments for families with a current balance due.

Registrations Continue

Certainly, they have been smaller in number but families are still registering. We all hope summer will bring a sense of normalcy to our lives.


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