A healthy camp in the time of COVID-19

We are looking forward to providing a rewarding summer camp experience in 2021. To be honest we can’t wait and know our families are equally excited! Camp has so much to offer and is more important than ever. 

With time to plan for next summer, we are confident in our ability to provide a safe setting for our campers. Having operated a successful camp for many years, safety has always been at the forefront of our camp program. Next summer will no doubt include a program that best provides a safe experience as related to COVID-19.  

With summer several months away, we now have the advantage of ample time to prepare and will be ready to implement a solid system. We continue to meet with other camp professionals, including a few that operated last summer. Our summer planning will also include guidance from the American Camping Association, our local health department, and the CDC. 

A formalized plan will be implemented in the coming months.  I have no doubt that some of what we have currently outlined will change to some degree prior to the summer.  Current considerations include:

Testing and Camper Health Screens

The current plan is to require campers to quarantine 7 days prior to arrival and take a PCR COVID-19 test during that time. On arrival day campers will be tested for COVID-19. Each day will include health screens and temperature checks. We are fortunate in that our facility has plenty of private beds should a camper need to quarantine. We are also fortunate to have a medical clinic ten minutes from camp that has the latest in rapid testing. We used the testing service this summer prior to a visit with family members and were impressed.

Cleaning and disinfection

We have always known that a good cleaning regimen is important at camp. Enhanced cleaning protocols will include regular disinfection of surfaces and equipment. Handwashing facilities and hand sanitizers will be strategically located throughout the camp.  It won’t be just the 10-year-old boys that will need reminding anymore. Everyone at camp will be required to wash their hands between activities and prior to meals. Our counselors, senior staff, and medical staff will be there making sure this happens.

Groups within camp (pods)

Several camps that ran successful summers in 2020 used pods to divide their camp into smaller groups. We will be looking at this as a possibility and making minor changes as that relates to the program.

Using pods will not mean changing to an activity schedule that is based strictly on cabin assignments. We value our cabin activities but also believe strongly in allowing campers to explore their own interest. The vast array of electives will still be there with classes grouped closer in age. 


Our staff members were heartbroken to miss camp last summer. Some of them have been here for the past ten summers. They are ready to do what is needed to have a successful summer.  Staff training will include extra days to allow staff to quarantine prior to our first session.  Once here staff will have health screens and temperature checks each day. In addition to our cabin staff, our senior staff and nurses will be working throughout the summer to manage this system of protocols. 

Our excellent safety record comes as a result of careful planning and the people who make it happen. We take our responsibilities seriously.  We view ourselves as partners in your parenting experience.  We have kids too and understand what you expect!



ACA Accredited

ACA Accreditation means that Camp Hidden Meadows has submitted to a thorough (up to 300 standards) review of its operation by the American Camp Association (ACA) — from staff qualifications and training to emergency management — we take pride in maintaining the highest standards in the camp industry.”

ACA is the only independent accrediting organization reviewing camp operations in the country. Its nationally-recognized standards program focuses primarily on the program quality, health and safety aspects of a camp’s operation. ACA collaborates with experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, and other youth-serving agencies to assure that current practices at the camp reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operation.

ACA Accreditation says to those seeking a quality summer experience for their children. “This camp has been officially visited and has met or exceeded the most up-to-date standards in camp operation.”

Camp Food!

Food and Sourcing

We care about what we eat. Over the years we have developed working relationships with local organic farms and purchase as much of our produce as possible through these sources. At different times during the summer produce from our own organic gardens can be found in the kitchen.

Meal Time at Camp

Meals are served in our dining hall family-style with counselors bringing food to the table and ensuring everyone is served generous portions and eating balanced meals. Meat eaters will be happy and there is always a quality vegetarian option. We have a progressive track record with menu planning for food allergies and are happy to work with families to ensure that choices are available. Call us with any questions.

American Camp Association Accredited