About Camp Hidden Meadows

Time spent away from home should be an opportunity to expand one‘s horizons, learn new and exciting skills, and make long lasting friendships.

Under the guidance of caring and qualified leaders, campers are involved in activities that require their participation both physically and mentally. Scaling a rock face, saddling a horse for the first time, or sampling a dish made of food you helped harvest in our gardens requires an open mind and willingness to try new things — Hidden Meadows is about creating a new way of looking at yourself and your relationship to the world.

In a sense we are a retreat for children, a place where life is simple and free from worldly distractions, a place where young people’s needs come first and one learns the importance of balancing personal interests with those of the community.

Our goal is that each camper returns home feeling great about their accomplishments and with a deepened sense of responsibility for oneself, others, and the environment. Please join us!

Tom Bryant, Director

Tom Bryant, Camp Director

The Perfect Summer Starts Here

During the past 28 summers at our outpost in the Allegheny Mountains, we have committed ourselves to providing young people with experiences that are fun, safe, and rewarding. Camp Hidden Meadows is a coed, non-sectarian program, offering a wide array of activities. Set in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, campers experience these activities in an environment fostering personal growth, individual responsibility, and active participation in the camp community.

We Have Years of Experience

We have been offering summer programs to kids for 28 years at our outpost in the mountains. Our directors and staff bring a wealth of knowledge to the program and are fully invested in creating a wonderful summer program.

We Focus on Kids

Providing summer programs for kids is what we do. Period. In a sense we are a retreat for children, a place where life is simple and free from worldly distractions. We are dedicated to providing young people with experiences that are fun, safe and rewarding.

Experienced & Trained Staff


Our staff form the backbone of our program. We maintain a 1:4 staff to camper ratio. These hardworking people are the ones who help you cook burritos over a camp stove, talk you through a climb, and give you a pat on the back for a job well done.

Staff Selection

We take great care in choosing our staff and select our leaders from a large pool of applicants based on maturity, judgment, experience, and related program skills. Our leaders are a dedicated group of caring adults who have a clear understanding of young people and are sensitive to their needs and interests. They choose to be part of our program because of their enthusiasm to work with young people and a desire to share gifts and talents in a safe, fun-filled atmosphere.


All staff participate in an intensive training session each season no matter what previous experience they have.

Explore the Camp

Our location has been described by many as breathtaking. As you follow the trail through the riverside meadows and across the bridge you come to our “camp village.” Here you will find our office, health center, dining hall, cabins, art center, and a host of recreational and training facilities such as our sports fields, basketball court, bike skills park, equestrian arena, pond, climbing walls, challenge course, swimming pool, and more. Beyond the camp village is where much of the magic takes place amongst the meadows and endless forest. Savoring a freshly picked carrot from our gardens or taking in the view from the high meadows on a mountain board run are long remembered. It is here where the fundamental joy of being a kid is all the excitement that is needed.

American Camp Association Accredited