Camp Hidden Meadows is looking for great people who are willing to work hard, share talents and give everything they’ve got. Forget what you have seen in the movies–working at camp is about making connections with young people, serving as a role model, and putting the needs of others ahead of your own.

You don’t need to be an expert to work at camp, but you need to be willing to give your time, attention, and heart to others. The demands are constant, but the rewards are infinite! Previous staff members frequently report that working at camp was the hardest thing they ever did, but also the best thing. Camp does kids a world of good!


Camp Hidden Meadows is a private summer program for young people between the ages of 6-16. From mid-June through mid-August we offer 1-week to 4-week sessions with a wide variety of program activities.

Our program focuses on providing opportunities where individuals can work cooperatively, think creatively and face challenges to the best of their ability. Students join our program looking for challenge and acceptance. Although many don’t know exactly what form it will come in, they are all looking for something different than their day-to-day routine. Cooking their own meals, organizing gear, and paddling a whitewater rapid are some of the many challenges students find. Our approach is to offer an organized program, under the direction of caring leaders, where students have the opportunity to challenge themselves in a safe, fun and non-competitive environment. In doing this we offer the chance for a rewarding summer where friendships are formed, discoveries made and life long skills enhanced.


Our programs are offered on our 250-acre camp surrounded by the 900,000-acre Monongahela National Forest in wild and wonderful West Virginia. In our immediate surroundings can be found top-rated rock climbing and mountain biking, fantastic backpacking and a vast array of caves. We enjoy some of the most secluded and beautiful country in the East. Our programs also utilize the New River Gorge National Park, home to one of the oldest rivers in North America, where we take advantage of world-class whitewater and scenic landscapes.


Good leaders are the key to the success of our program and create a special experience for all who participate (students and staff). We are looking for genuinely interested adults who can put the needs of their students first. The sincerity of our staff and their enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and skills with young people is imperative. Staff can clearly define limits and give direction without resorting to heavy-handed authority. Staff have the compassion and sound judgment to communicate constructively and effectively. They must have the maturity, patience and sense of humor to be a part of the kids, but not one of the kids. Most importantly, staff understand that campers need close and careful guidance and supervision.

We ask a lot of our staff. Although full of tremendous opportunities for growth and adventure, a summer with Camp Hidden Meadows is not a vacation. We are very much a community at Hidden Meadows and everyone is expected to help each other in all aspects of program and facility management, no matter what their position. We are confident that staff will gain at least as much as they give. Living and working with a group of young people is both a challenging and rewarding experience. Both the campers and staff who participate, have endless opportunities to learn more about themselves (professionally and personally) develop new skills and exposure to a wide variety of talents through the new people they meet. All this can add up to an incredible summer experience.


Camp begins with a 7-10 day training/orientation program at camp. During Staff Orientation, you’ll learn about Camp Hidden Meadows philosophies and policies, how to deal with homesickness, camper age characteristics, and much more.

Your daily schedule will include rising early in time for the 7:30 polar bear swim.  During the day you will be either with you cabin or instructing activities.  Lights out is dependent on the age group of your cabin.


Staff can easily send and receive snail mail here at camp as well as buy stamps and mail packages. Faxes may be received for free, and sent for a small fee. Staff members have access to WiFi and are welcome to bring a laptop, iPad, etc. provided they do not use it in their cabin.


Three meals a day are served at camp. We provide a good variety of food that accommodates most tastes and food allergies. There is a vegetarian option available at each meal for staff and campers who have declared being a vegetarian on their health form.  If you have specific dietary needs, please share those needs during the hiring process.


Most staff members live in cabins. Pets are not allowed. There is not a lot of privacy during the summer, but there is plenty of room for growth, development and fun.


We provide laundry service once per week. You are required to bring your own labeled laundry bag. All laundry should be placed into one bag–lights and darks are not separated.