Acorns, our youngest campers (ages 6-8) are teamed with their cabin counselors for the entire day and follow a pre-scheduled, all-inclusive program for each day of the week.  The program allows the chance to participate in a wide variety of offerings within a positive and supportive setting. The Acorn schedule also allows time for choosing a new activity each day during our Camper Choice.  In addition, Acorns are eligible to add-on horse riding lessons to their camp experience.

Acorn Camp Session includes at no additional charge:
All activity equipment and supplies.
Laundry for campers staying more than one week.
Our famous 1000 foot zip line, climbing tower, pool, slip ‘n’ slide, and more.
A specially programmed activity schedule designed for younger campers.
One out of camp trip per week (National Radio Astronomy Observatory Trip or Trip to Lake Buffalo) at no additional charge.

What Parents Are Saying

“Your camp definitely has that magic that all parents seek for their kids –a peaceful, beautiful sanctuary for youth, for people from any background to feel like part of a special community.”
–Camper Parent