Welcome to Camp Hidden Meadows,

As the Director and one of the founders, I feel fortunate to be a part of something I not only enjoy doing immensely, but also feel so good about.

In the winter of 1991 as we sat around the table designing our first summer experience, our goal was to offer something special in a beautiful and inspiring setting. Armed with some backpacks, climbing ropes and tents we set out on the first wilderness program. It was a joyous summer and laid the foundation for the summers to follow.

Over the years as our program has expanded we have maintained our goal of offering unique programming in which we encourage children to be creative and to believe in themselves. All of our activities offer various opportunities for growth and are designed with an eye towards individual attention. Keeping our groups small during activities allows us to focus on the needs of each member of our summer camp community and the benefits are many.

When I join in with a group for an activity or meal, I’m still able to get to know the campers not just by name but learn whom they really are and how their day is going. We all have summer highlights and this continues to be one of mine.

Over the years many wonderful people have been a part of making our camp programs a success and we are always thankful for their hard work. We always enjoy learning what new adventures life has brought past staff members and campers. Whether it’s a surprise visit, a holiday card or running into them in the rain forest of Central America, the folks from summers gone by seem to retain their enthusiasm for life and adventure. We’d like to think that in some small way we have been a part of nurturing that enthusiasm.

See you outside!
Tom Bryant
Director and Owner

The Bryant’s – Lilli, Jenna, Maja, Silke and Tom